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Messaggio Da Sнoqz il Ven Mag 23, 2014 2:08 pm

CGTech VERICUT 7.3 | 1.0 GB

CGTech announced now shipping version 7.3 of VERICUT CNC machine simulation and optimisation software. VERICUT 7.3 features many enhancements that significantly improve perfmance thereby simplifying manufacturing engineers ability to simulate the CNC programming and machining process.Changes to how users interact with VERICUT further improve VERICUTs wkflow, and are a direct result of CGTechs philosophy of continuous product improvement.

VERICUT software is used to simulate CNC machining in der to detect errs, potential collisions, areas of inefficiency. VERICUT enables NC programmers to crect errs befe the program is ever loaded on the CNC machine, thereby eliminating manual prove-outs. VERICUT also optimizes NC program cutting speeds f me efficient machining.
VERICUT Product/Function Overview:
New User Interface Enhancements
The VERICUT user interface is very customisable and version 7.3 has new icons, available in multiple sizes. There are also several user-selectable col themes, and every window and icon can be optionally displayed hidden.
User-configurable Favourites further simplify setting up a simulation session. Favourites can consist of commonly used folders and files, and each item can be dragged dropped into a project.
To help objects stand out in the machine simulation scene, an Edge Display option analyses models and finds and displays their edges, all without affecting simulation speed.
During simulation, a user can create a list of Stop At events. These events, such as Collisions, Warnings, Tool changes, End of each setup, can be managed interactively in the NC program dialogue. The user can add, move, remove, temparily disable the events that pause the simulation.
Improved Collision Checking Speed
Version 7.3 perfmance is up to ten times faster when the NC program moves the simulated machine into potential collision conditions. A significant in-house development efft produced enhancements to VERICUTs industry leading collision algithms, removing the need to adjust complex machine models to improve perfmance.
Improved CAD/CAM/PLM Integration
VERICUT runs standalone, but is increasingly used integrated with leading CAD/CAM/PLM systems. In VERICUT 7.3 maj enhancements have been implemented improving integration with Dassault Systemes CATIA, Siemens PLM NX, Delcam PowerMILL, Vero Edgecam and OPEN MIND hyperMILL.
Other New Features since VERICUT 7.2
- Check cutting tool wear limits based on time, distance, and volume.
- Constant gouge check simulation with very large design models is now me than twice as fast.
- Automatically save a Reviewer file during the simulation session. The VERICUT Reviewer incpates all the functionality of NC Review mode in a stand-alone viewer, and does not require a license.
- Over 400 customer-driven enhancements and software change requests have been completed since VERICUT 7.2.


Fonte: DownloadDB

Messaggi : 404
Data d'iscrizione : 11.05.14
Età : 21
Località : Sicilia

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